How-to Spice Up Your Homecoming Look

Homecoming- It's one of the most exciting times of the year for students of any age. The tradition has grown, but it has kept much of its fundamental roots. For those looking for fun ways on how-to spice up your homecoming look, we have you covered!

Trends are a continuous factor to keep in mind when considering any and all styles. They are constantly changing, but they frequently circle back around. Who are we kidding? Every style is bound to come back around. It’s inevitable. However, what’s trending should not dictate how you dress or the way you act. It is important not to lose your individuality. Homecoming is just one opportunity where visually expressing that individuality is not only allowed. It is encouraged.

Trends are given, but style is subjective. Your style is your own, and how you choose to express it could be vastly different than how anyone you know does. Your style is often influenced by your own personality and views on life. What you like may not be in co-ordinance with your best friend’s style and so on, but if your style makes you feel like a million bucks, you should embrace it full force. Confidence is not easily earned, so when it is found, it should be worn like a crown.

Whether you are a more simplistic person or a bold and vibrant one, homecoming is one major opportunity to have fun and step outside of your comfort zone. Homecoming style has remained relatively consistent for years, so much so that people are often unsure of how-to spice up their own homecoming look. Take a breather because we have done the work for you. Flower wearables are taking precedence in the homecoming world. Take some inspiration from these homecoming accessories and talk with us about making them your own.

Flower Crowns and Hair Pieces

Top off your homecoming look with a flower crown that fits your style. These fragrant beauties assembled to caress your head add a sort of natural elegance to a person’s homecoming style. Regardless of whether you are voted homecoming princess or not, you are decreed royalty. Dare we say a blushing homecoming beauty. If you just want to feel like the garden queen at your next homecoming, you’ll need the perfect crown to fit the occasion. Win over every guest’s sight with a sure-fire piece to spice up your homecoming look. Walk with confidence knowing you feel your best. Express who you are by incorporating that style into your floral hair piece.

There are many opportunities for personalization when it comes to a homecoming flower crown. The flower crown look can either be created to fit your simplistic style or to adhere to your sheer boldness. There are so many options when it comes to dressing up or dressing down your flower crown. It all boils down to style, the aesthetic you are going for and the outfit you are complimenting.

If you are begging for boho style, go with a greenery base and bold large flowers to finish. A boho flower crown is a style anyone can get behind. It is a great way to tie in your dress and overall aesthetic. Soft baby's breath tangled in a freshly arranged batch of greenery is perfect for an outfit needing a feminine yet simplistic touch.

A crown of viburnum dentate berries, pepper berries, berzelia or brunia berries easily add texture and variety to a homecoming outfit. Incorporate a feather, fabric trimmings or a variety of jewels to make your flower crown completely “you.”

For the homecoming goer who is not into the flower crown look, consider a floral comb or simple floral hair piece to tie together your homecoming hairstyle. A floral comb can be as simple or flashy as your heart's desire. Just as the floral comb, a floral hair piece can be adjusted to fit your hairstyle of choice. It can be a large hat or bold accent, or it could be an accessory that is only noticed when someone takes the time to notice the details of your outfit. Any and all these floral pieces are ideal for spicing up a homecoming look or drawing the center of attention for any photo.


How you choose to style your homecoming flowers is up to you. There are so many beautiful and sophisticated ways to incorporate flowers into your homecoming accessories. Wear them as jewelry. Wear them in your hair. Wear them just because you can, but remember, tradition can be good. Plus, style is always circling back around. The traditional corsage is nothing to put on the back burner. If you love it, embrace it, and work with us to have it cater to your style. Corsages became popular because they are beautiful and are still a classic homecoming and prom staple.

There is no need to stray away from tradition if it is a tradition that you love to embrace. A corsage can be the perfect finishing touch to a homecoming look. However, you can love the concept and not the style. If you are ready for a fresh take on the style, we are here to help with the top 2019 corsage styles.

In order to cater to the green-inspired style of the modern generation, a corsage needs some organic touches. A very popular new trend in corsage style embraces the succulent craze. It doesn’t have to be designed completely in green; complementary colors are easily added in to emphasize the piece. It adds to the depth of it all.

If succulents aren’t your thing, an all-greenery filled corsage can be created to fit your taste. If you are looking for some more pizzazz and floral corsages aren’t your thing, consider a solely accessory (ribbon, beads or feathers) filled corsage. It’s the accessory you have always wanted that you won’t be able to pick up just anywhere. Corsages can be made to fit any style and any look. Don’t rule them out just yet. Look and see what they have to offer.

Flower Jewelry

It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready for high school or college homecoming, you should shine bright like Kim K’s diamond with the accessories to match the occasion (within reason, of course). Flower jewelry can be exactly the accessory you need to draw all eyes to you without breaking the bank. Your options can be as diverse or concise as your heart’s desire. A little color here and a little greenery there can do just the trick.

Flower wearables include a variety of things. Flower jewelry, on the other hand, includes all the essentials. They include but are not limited to floral earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings. Flower jewelry does nothing less than kill the homecoming style game. These styles can vary immensely according to both your local florist’s expertise and your vision. When you are looking to spice up your homecoming, prom or event look, flower jewelry could be the answer you have been looking for.

Incorporate one or all these pieces. Flower jewelry can be easily paired with a corsage or worn to enhance an organic, stunning look. Take a ride on the flower blingy side or step out to stand out. Flower jewelry is the next big thing. Just as any other flower wearable, it can be formed to fit the style you are looking for. Talk with us about turning your vision into a reality and your outfit into one that everyone will be talking about.

Bold Choices

Trending flower wearable are getting bigger, more complicated and more in-your-face. Why? Perhaps it is the uniqueness of it all. Perhaps it is the green mentality. It may just be that everything boils down to the desire to be different. No flower wearable is going to be completely alike, yet that adds to the fun. When you reach down to the depth of it all, your flower wearable is as uniquely you as your vision takes it.

Wear out the flower wearable look until it can’t be worn anymore. Flower wearables have turned how people do homecoming into a game of style. Depending on the person, homecoming looks veer into a wild and out-of-the box style. If you are one to take chances or are ready to pursue something new, homecoming can be your time to shine. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, consider a floral corset or a dress made primarily of florals. Talk about a way to make a statement!

Floral shoes are another bold statement piece. Heels, boots, flats- You name it! Have your shoes wrapped in floral product (i.e. greenery) or accented with flowers. Floral shoes are made for walking into homecoming and killing the dance floor (and standing out in a crowd), but what are shoes when you don’t have a purse to match? Boy, do we have news for you...

Homecoming Mums

Go big or go home. You know what they say- “Mums” the word. Depending on your area, homecoming styles change. For some, homecoming style is sacred. For some, mums are THE choice... the only choice.

The tradition of homecoming mums originated in Texas. The whole tradition started off as a gesture to express affection. A girl would be given a mum by her date at or around a high school football fame. What started as a single chrysanthemum bloom, worn as a brooch, with a few ribbons and accessories has transformed into bold and extravagant designs. Designs that are made to fit any style, any person and any vision.

This homecoming accent has grown (both figuratively and literally) in popularity by a substantial amount. The designs are bigger, bolder and are worn proudly around the neck. They do say everything is bigger in Texas. Homecoming mums are no exception. More and more states have adopted this homecoming tradition and overall look.

Homecoming mums may be among the most personalized homecoming accessory. Spicing up this look isn’t frowned upon. It is encouraged. These bold displays of school spirit can carry a heavy load. We mean that quite literally! They often reach upwards of 20 pounds, worn around the neck- all day.

Their jaw-dropping designs can often take up a person’s entire torso. Although they are traditional displays of homecoming spirit, some schools have regulated them in their entirety. It is important to know your school’s regulations. Regulations have been formed due to most homecoming mums’ large size and flashy nature. There are many schools that have pushed back on the tradition due to the fact they can be distracting. Do your research before planning a homecoming outfit around them.

Homecoming mums are among the most personalized of homecoming accessories. Spicing up this look is done on any given year. You can get as creative or as specific as you want. Standing out in the homecoming mum crowd isn't easy, but the process of designing your homecoming mum is extra fun and extra personal.

With any and all flower wearables, there are always going to be some distinguishing factors separating them from one other. That one main factor is you. Spicing up your homecoming look can mean a variety of different things. It can be as simple as the accessories you choose or the flowers you base them off. Whatever flower wearable design or style you choose, for either high school or college, it should reflect your taste and style. It should be undeniably you.

Collect moments... not regrets. Homecoming is one of the main times in a young person’s life where they can truly express who they are through their style. Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Greenrose in Paradise Valley, AZ, are here to help meet your homecoming style any way we can. This is your time to have fun, let loose and get creative. Let us help you spice up your homecoming look in the best way we know how... with flowers!

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