Sleighing Christmas One Party at a Time

It’s a winter wonderland. Regardless if you live in the sunny state of California or the chilly Colorado mountains, winter remains the same in the hearts of the people. Winter is more than snowflakes and sleigh rides. It is feelings of warmth, love and holiday cheer. Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Greenrose in Phoenix, AZ, are here to help share that.

The Joyful Bouquet is a collectively beautiful display of winter wonder. The blue flowers convey a feeling of winter’s joy. The arrangement of white and blue flowers radiates a warm love and a cool feeling of winter. Enjoy the moments winter has to offer and share those moments with someone with an arrangement of white and blue flowers.

There a few winter musts. Whether you live in the snow or cherish its thought with everything in your heart, at some point in your life you must see snow. There is something special about touching it with your hands, feeling it glide down on your cheeks and the way it makes anyone feel forms of nostalgia. Our flower arrangements with blue flowers helps radiate all the joy of a snow-filled winter morning.

Hot chocolate dates on a winter’s evening is nothing to shake a stick at. Cozy up to your date as you walk through the park with your warm cup of cocoa in hand. Wrap up in scarves and sweaters and talk the night away. Get to know each other on an intimate winter night- hot chocolate in hand and the person you care about by your side.

Let our florists at 1-800-Flowers Greenrose in Phoenix, AZ, encompass the beauty of winter with a blue flower arrangement. Have a piece of winter’s wonder delivered to someone you care about this Christmas season. Fill a home with winter cheer, and you won’t be able to help but sleigh Christmas!

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